What is Moksha

Moksha is an app specifically developed to be your back pocket tool ready to use when unavoidable or unpredictable situations or events trigger self-sabotaging actions. 

Moksha is private, autonomous and self-directed. It allows you to take control of you recovery by using the most powerful tool in your box. Your voice. Having a familiar voice to keep you on track while being supported along the way can make a huge difference. Working with talk therapy, together we explore what is linking your thoughts and ideas to your actions, empowering you to change your dialogue and regain purpose and direction.

How Does it Work

Habits are behaviors that we do, which become automatic over time. Repetition of habits often mean we don’t always realize we are repeating the same pattern. To make long lasting changes we need to re-set these patterns through different behaviors and actions. Moksha works by guiding you out of the red zone when cognitive dissonance creates a negative inner dialogue, leaving you to struggle with pre-set detrimental behavior patterns. Available 24/7, you will have access to the right words from a familiar voice. This pre-set dialogue will gently talk you through; and out of the cycle of self-sabotage.

 Moksha can be effective in acute situations of distress. Anxiety, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, PTSD, confidence and self esteem.

Moksha Services

Moksha is proactive in preparing how and when a familiar voice guides you out of the red zone.  You control, what, how, when and where you access help. You decide who is your inner dialogue. Yourself, your family, your friends or maybe your therapist. You take charge of your recovery plan and gain empowerment whilst learning that you are master of your own behavioral changes.

Moksha is a private collaboration with your support network, preparing and giving you an immediate, accessible space to break the cycle of feeling overwhelmed and alone. A personal, scripted  recording will bring you back into the present moment, shifting your negative inner voice away from relapse. 

Meet Our Founders

Lisa Manners

 What you tell yourself is so powerful and costs so little

I am a mother and grandmother and my family are my life source. I am a Co-founder of Moksha and after living in many wonderful parts of the world, New Zealand has been my home for 15 years.

A child of the sixties, I have spent most of my adult life looking backwards with no or little insight into my own mind. Ill-equipped to deal with life’s challenges on an daily basis I self soothed through food, controlling what I ate, when I ate but never why I ate. I needed a stop button when my body/mind alarm system was activated and I felt myself slipping into relapse. Moksha is that handbrake. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to draw upon my experience; to develop with Gareth, this simple yet effective tool.

Email: info@moksha.kiwi
Cell: 0212888491

Gareth Hines

“Take control and make the changes you’ve always wanted”.

 I am a proud husband and father of two children. Born and raised in New Zealand, I am the founder of Christchurch Therapy and Co-Founder of Moksha. I believe that everyone has the ability within themselves to make the necessary changes in their life. My passion is to work with you through those changes using my experience and ability to guide and support you through any barriers; with respect and a client centered focus.

I am confident that Moksha can lift the limitations of accessing support through working with you outside of the therapy room. I see Moksha as being invaluable in the powerful, effective, albeit simple way that you, or anyone you chose can engage with you at any time. I am proud to be part of this wonderful project which will enable me to be there for people when needed.

Email: info@moksha.kiwi
Cell: 0273243330

Ready whenever you are to make changes

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Moksha is here to help you out of those challenging, isolating moments, offering guidance to help reconnect you to yourself and the world around you.